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Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber

Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber

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Are you losing your hair? Is your hair becoming thin say by day? Looking for a device to bring your hair follicles back to life? Worry no more as we bring you our Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber!

Product Specifications

  • Size: 2.7"x 5" x1"
  • Color: White
  • Water Tank Capacity: 6m
  • Wavelength: 625 nm
  • Charging: USB-C Cable

Product Benefits!

  • Rejuvenate Hair Follicles  
  • Safe and Painless 
  • Chemical-Free 
  • Quick Results 
  • Improved Hair Thickness
  • Simple Application Process
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Compact and Portable  
  • Universal Charging

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 1x Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber
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Why it Works?

Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber’s standout feature lies in its ability to breathe new life into dead hair follicles. The clinically proven Red Light Therapy works tirelessly to rejuvenate and stimulate these follicles, fostering a revitalized and healthier environment for hair growth.

Makes Hair More Thicker and Stronger

Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber excels at enhancing hair thickness with its powerful wide-range LED lights. By stimulating hair follicles, the device promotes a natural and noticeable increase in hair thickness. You can say goodbye to thinning strands as GloWave paves the way for a fuller and more voluminous head of hair.

Restores Scalp Health

Glo-Wave Electric Scalp Scrubber goes beyond surface-level care, actively restoring scalp health with its advanced technology.

How to Use? 

  1. Make Sure the Device is Charged and Filled with Your Preferred Oil or Serum.
  2. Select Between Vibration + Red Light, Red Light Only, Or Vibration.
  3. Apply Serum/Oil Press the Tank Cap in Circular Motions Across Your Scalp.

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