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Handmade Wooden Rotating Music Boxes

Handmade Wooden Rotating Music Boxes

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Relive your precious memories or imagine the wonderful times you might spend in the tranquil.


An exquisite,music box for your friends, spouse, sweetheart, relatives, or yourself as a gift.

The music box is made of high quality  Beech with metal movement.

Timeless gift that will be a sure favourite with your little one.Would make an ideal birthday present.

Winder is at the back of the box and needs to be wound up for the music to play.


For children, girlfriend, wife, mother (as a souvenir, attention, surprise, thank you, greeting).



Type: Clockwork Type
Material: Wood
Tone Number: 4 Tones
Play Power: Hand Cranked
Size: 11*11*17.9cm
Usage: Decoration, Gift, Present, Souvenir
Theme: Birthday, Festival
Application: Music Box; Wedding Gifts; Home Decor

Product Features

Beech, mostly produced in Europe, is mostly used to make various high-end household products. The beech wood has a hard texture, clear texture, soft and smooth color tone, and good load-bearing and pressure resistance.

High-quality products are derived from optimized design. From the raw materials of beech to the production of music box products, it is extremely tedious and complicated. First, we pay attention to the extraction of wood. Waiting for the process, after the test of the octave movement, the quality of each process of the entire product inspection, was able to perfectly display the music box

Work Environment And factories

In the busy city sits a quiet green garden where the design team germinates beautiful designs in a green and comfortable environment. The human-focus workplace with a material concept store Jeantopia (Jean + Utopia) for realizing creative handmade ideas enables Jean Cultural & Creative to innovate every design with a specific emotion.

A Foundation for Realizing Passionate and Creative Design

Insisting on a “human-focus” belief, Jean Cultural & Creative pioneered the production base in a garden resort. Inside a green, relaxing, and spacious industrial park is a professional R&D department with high execution power, efficient production, and exquisite technology to connect with the Design Center. To manufacture high-quality products, Jean Cultural & Creative implements systematic management in Jean at Culture Creative Park in process management, material purchase, production and processing, and outgoing quality control. In addition, Jean Cultural & Creative continuously develop automatic production equipment for better quality and efficiency.

Onset of Passion and Creativity

Design Feature And Creaft Designs


Cherishing the best natural gift-wood from nature, we are dedicated to innovating techniques and constantly optimizing processes. Each music box has dozens to hundreds small parts and goes through at least 20 processes to be finished. The processes include lathe, mill, drill, modeling, cut, polishing, metal stamping, laser, oil spray, hand painting, pad printing, resin, injection molding, etc, it combines both efficient manufacturing process and unrepeatable handcraft techniques.

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