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Fixzcer™ Hip Thrust Belt

Fixzcer™ Hip Thrust Belt

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Revolutionize Your Workout Routine with Our Hip Thrust Belt

Swift And Seamless Setup

You can set up the Hip thrust belt in under 20 seconds! Simply loop the straps around the weights you are using and then velcro them in place! Close the belt and you are ready to go!

Focused Workouts

An extremely soft padding grip is included in our hip thrust belt which ensures the belt stays in place, resting comfortably on your hips! Allowing you to focus on your form; getting the most out of each rep.

Versatile Use

You can perform a wide range of workouts with our hip thrust belt such as squats, lunges, and glute bridges! The hip thrust belt is extremely portable and can easily be fit into your gym bag. It can be used in the gym or even at your house!

Increased Comfort Levels

Normal hip thrust workouts tend to leave your hips sore! But with its comfortable SBR pad, the belt cushions your hips giving you zero post-workout soreness.

  • Sheer Benefit

    Strong booty builds confidence & balance in body and mind 

  • Accessible For All

    Easy to learn and use no matter your fitness level

  • Effective

    Highly targeted movement With the weight load directly over your glutes

Use It Anywhere Any Time At Any Place!

  • Top-Quality Leather

    The hip thrust belt is manufactured from the same material that is used in seat belt making! This makes it wear and tear resistant to any sort of pressure.

  • High Weight Capacity

    Our exclusive hip thrust belt can hold up to 400 lbs in weight! The belt’s nylon strap adds to its uncompromising strength. Letting it grasp onto heavy weights.It has the ability to hold onto dumbbells, kettlebells, and plates!

  • Enhanced Stability

    With a barbell, you always have to worry about stabilizing it! The belt gives much more flexibility to your posture. Allowing you to attach weight with ease.

Strengthen And Tone Your Glutes Up With fixzcer™ Hip Thrust Belt.

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