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Multicolor Crackle Glass Hanging Solar Lights

Multicolor Crackle Glass Hanging Solar Lights

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multicolor crackle glass hanging solar light
crackle glass hanging solar light

Multicolor or Warm White Light for Different Ambiance

The crackle glass solar lights create a wonderful atmosphere by emitting various colors, making them an excellent indoor and outdoor decoration choice. These outdoor solar hanging lights are ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of your garden, trees, patios, yards, and pathways with a decorative touch.

crackle glass hanging solar light waterproof

Weather Resistant

The crackle ball solar lights are designed with sturdy glass and a stainless steel top, and a waterproof solar panel is built into the lid. This ensures longer life in all weather conditions, such as snow, rain, and sun.

energy saving crackle glass hanging solar lights

Solar Powered & Energy Conservation

The hanging solar lights do not require an external power source as they have a solar-powered rechargeable battery built-in. The upgraded Poly-silicon solar panel can absorb sunlight more efficiently, reducing power consumption and charging the battery more efficiently. Once fully charged, the solar hanging lights for trees can illuminate for 8-10 hours at night. (Note: The more direct sunlight the crackle solar lights receive during the day, the longer they will last at night.)

super bright crackle glass hanging solar light

Super Bright

Our solar lights on shepherd hooks are made with crackling glass, making the colors appear even brighter than plain glass. The LED hanging solar lanterns emit a distinctive glow and provides comfortable and bright illumination to your house.

Light Up Your Season With Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging!

application of crackle glass hanging solar lights

Why Select Our Crackle Glass Hanging Solar Lights?

The multicolor or warm white crackle glass hanging lights perfectly blend aesthetics and technology. Each LED light is powered by solar energy and not connected by a cord, making it easy to turn them anywhere you like. These crackle glass solar lights can add ambient colored light to your home, tree branch, Christmas tree ornaments, back yard, campground, or patio umbrella around the perimeter, etc.

FAQs about Our Crackle Glass Hanging Solar Lights

1. Are these pastel colors?

No, they are much brighter than the picture suggests and last longer than most solar lights. Most stop working around 3 or 4 am, but these can last all night. They are the best solar hanging lights for trees or garden.

2. Should I keep these in the "off" position until fully charged?

These solar lights are engineered to self-charge during the daytime and switch on automatically at night. To install them, ensure they are in the "ON" position. The suspended solar lights can turn off, self-charging during the day, and illuminate at night.

3. How many lumens per light on a full charge?

I'm sorry, I don't know the exact number of lumens, but these lights are fantastic! We've had them on a deer-netting fence since last summer, and every morning still works and stays lit until 2:00 am or later. Even after being buried under snow, they still light up!

4. Do these caps stay on tight?

Yes, the caps stay on tight. As you twist the glass dome back into the steel cap and turn the switch to "on," you will feel the glass lock into place. I've had mine through some good, windy thunderstorms, and none have separated yet.

5. Can these be hung inside Mason jars?

The top of these hanging solar lanterns has a small solar panel, so anything that covers the top and blocks the sun will stop them from turning on at night. If the mason jar was upside down so the bottom faced the sun, they could be hung inside. The top must be exposed to the light to charge the batteries inside.

Specifications of the Crackle Hanging Solar Lights

Light fixture form ‎Path
Power Source ‎Solar-Powered
Room Type ‎Patio
Material ‎Glass
Unit Count ‎12 Count
Voltage ‎1.2 Volts
Style ‎Modern
Usage ‎Outdoor use only
Part Number USNC-SL01-MC-12
Item Weight ‎3.98 ounces
Product Dimensions 2.4x 2.4 x 6.5inches
Item model number ‎GA-203A
Color ‎Multicolor/Warm White/Cool White
Light Source Type ‎‎LED


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